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Woohoo, so long winter blues, spring is here! Here are 5 reasons we love Spring at My Life Art.

  1. The days are getting longer, meaning more hours of fun in the sun plus the anticipation of those long summer days ahead. There is no denying what daylight can do to our mood and lift our spirits…so let’s soak in that Vitamin D.
  2. The Gorgeous transition of seemingly ‘dead and dormant’ nature springing back to life. The wonderful cycle of nature budding back to vibrancy and blossoming so beautifully right in front of our eyes.  A sense of newness and freshness is in the air, like a reminder of seasons in our lives that may seem bleak but can be revived.  Never to give up, because brighter days lie ahead.  Personally when I see those dancing daffodils blooming I anticipate those summer days are looming.
  3. Finally we can stop hibernating, throw back our duvets and pack away the thick socks and venture outdoors without bracing ourselves for the chilly bite of winter.
  4. Packing away and shedding our winter garments to finally brave experiencing the elements on our persons, everything just seems so much brighter and lighter…
  5. That includes food! More salads, al fresco dining and BBQ’s, yes please!

So enjoy these days, make the most of the season, and what better way to document it than with a beautiful bespoke picture from, it’ll capture the beauty of spring perfectly.

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