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Times change, the way things are now in the photo world will no doubt change drastically too. The possibilities seem endless, would you have ever imagined mobile phone cameras widely replacing personal cameras?…. (for us 80’s babies, remember the days we had to wind our film into our camera and were limited to between 20 and 40 shots, depending on the film reel).

Then you had the joy of taking the film to be processed at a shop, or posting it off and waiting at least 24 hrs. Amazing how patient we were!  Thinking about it, how spoilt we are that when we take a picture now, we have the liberty to take 10 of the same shot and then see it instantly, (even children will run over from posing exclaiming; ‘let me see’).

That leads me to consider the way we display pictures and the gap that My Life Art fills in this ever developing market. With the advancing technology comes a good problem to have; photos on your phone, photos on your computer and tablet, photos on memory cards, photos residing in the cloud… you get the picture!!!  However it’s still wonderful to have those most special and favourite images displayed as a constant reminder of those we love or precious moments to brighten our homes, work or galleries for all to see.  I feel it’s time to move on and liven the display process up as much as the capture process has developed.

Change is good, especially when  it’s an improvement on what exists. Become part of the revolution of displaying pictures. If there was ever a solution to the development of displaying ordinary pictures it is ‘My Life Art’ Personalised Bespoke Illustration.

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