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My Life Art is the brainchild of our founder, Emmanuel Amadiegwu. Having spent most of his life doing graphic design, Emmanuel had a conversation with a friend one cold December that changed his course. The friend showed him something she was very excited about – a beautifully illustrated image of herself and her boyfriend during a recent holiday. The printed illustration was artistic and seemed to capture a treasured memory quite well.

She had the image printed and presented to her boyfriend as a framed gift. The friend went on to suggest to Emmanuel that he ought to consider providing a similar service on a wider scale to others who appreciate a unique artistic gift for all kinds of occasions.

After sending a few sample illustrations out to a variety of friends, initial reactions ranged from, “Wow! I love it!“, “…definitely interested in getting one done for my wedding anniversary” to “…this would make a really nice Valentine’s Day gift“. Each individual’s reaction seemed to convey a great enthusiasm for getting similar artwork illustration done for their own special occasions.

When something invokes strong emotions as these illustrations did, it is hard to ignore and this birthed the seed of the idea of creating My Life Art for a wider audience.

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